Coastal Family Urgent Care has partnered with Westpac Labs as a Hawaii Trusted Testing and Travel Partner for SARS CoV-2 (COVID) Testing

IMPORTANT: Please note claims cannot be submitted to healthcare insurance companies. Effective June 21st, 2021 the cost per test will be $238.00 and collected at the time of service. Rapid testing is NOT available at our facility for Hawaii travelers. Results are typically available within 36-48 hours.
A negative COVID-19 test result is required prior to departure to avoid a fourteen day quarantine in Hawaii. The state of Hawaii only accepts test from Trusted Testing and Travel Partners. It is important to read how to obtain your results below.
The state of Hawaii has created a special form WestPac Labs will be providing directly to the patient for entry into the state. An accurate personal email address must be on file.
Hawaii travelers must follow these important steps
Make an Appointment:
Appointment requests may be made online.  If you are unable to make an appointment online or need a test for multiple persons in a family, you may also call our COVID scheduling line at (760) 448-5304 or email us at  You MUST indicate this in your reason for visit to receive the proper documentation. It is important to provide us with accurate information in order to communicate effectively.
Specimen Collection:
The specimens are collected by a nasopharyngeal swab at our premise and picked up by Westpac Labs to be processed daily.  A registration link will be emailed to the patient when the specimen is received at the lab facility.


• Results will be sent directly from Westpac Labs to your email address on file
• Please click here for complete instructions on how to obtain your results
• Results are typically available within 36-48 hours.  
Completion of registration:
When the initial registration is complete and the result is available, an additional email will be sent with:
• A link to the PDF form required for entry to Hawaii
• A copy of the result
• Instructions from the Hawaii government for entry into the state     
Print a copy of your Hawaii Result Form so you can present it to officials.
If the result is positive: The form for entry will not be provided and a message will be emailed to direct the patient to quarantine and contact our office for further instruction.
For further questions:
Specimen collection process: Call our office at 760.448.5304 or send an email to
Processed specimens and lab registration: Call WestPac Labs at 562.906.LABS
State of Hawaii travel requirements: Visit the Hawaiian Islands website at


Mahalo and safe travels!
Download Hawaii Trusted Testing and Travel Partner.pdf
Note: The specimens obtained are sent to a third party laboratory facility for processing. The results of the tests performed should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude a present or previous infections status of SARS-CoV-2.